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Extra Television Sets That You Don’t Need

I was responding to a comment when I realized that I have six television sets in my house.

Freaking SIX of them.

There’s THREE people in this house.

The television sets are spread out like this:

There’s 4 rooms, so naturally, there’s a television set in each of our room. Never mind that one of the room isn’t occupied. Then there’s the standard big screen TV (it’s only 32 inch) in the living room.

Oh yeah, there’s also a 13 inch kitchen TV in the kitchen.

Wait wait, I got that mixed up. The kitchen TV is now in my room.

Screw TiVo.  I have a VCR.  Circa 1988!

The kitchen TV was one of my ultimate crap gift buying.

Mother’s day, 1998.

15 year old who couldn’t figure out that all mom really wanted is for her kids to spend time with her.

In comes the RCA kitchen TV from Sears.

Happy mother’s day!

Big Screen Televisions That You Can’t Afford

This isn’t a jab at my sister, who semi-recently got a 50+ inch Sony HDTV.

Is that a hickey on Larry King's neck!?

I suppose one of the reason why people have extra television sets is because they upgrade to bigger TVs.

Before I start complaining, I should state for the record that HDTVs are frickin’ cool.

It is awesome to be able to see the zits of your favorite TV stars. Blemishes at high definition! Oh thank you, technology!

Unfortunately, only a few channels are currently available in HD. Even worse, sometimes you have to pay extra to get these HD channels. Another semi-pooper is the fact that the current DVDs are in 480i, and unless you buy the right type of DVD and know all the technomojo, you might not be fully utilizing your HDTV.

The worse part is that HDTVs are expensive. Like, thousands of dollars expensive.

But seriously, who cares? It’s only $80 a month (forever). With 90 days of no interest and no payment!

But wait, for only $500 more, upgrade from a 55″ to a 60″!

Because, you know, 5 extra inches is bigger than that damn Johnson family’s. Why can’t they freaking shut up about their Porsche Cayenne.