Dances, kisses, hands out business cards... everything a real 'girlfriend' would do.

  • Sega’s E.M.A – Eternal Maiden Actualization (uh.. right), or WowWee FemiSapien… or whatever the heck it’s gonna be branded as.
  • $175 or $99 depending on which online specialty retailer is going to screw you over.
  • Dances, kisses, walks like a “lady,” and hands out business card — just like a “real” girlfriend (uh, because I’m sure that’s all the other half of the human race does).
  • Wow your friends or reinforce your hermit lifestyle by scaring away what little friends you have left.

If it doesn't eat puppies, it's not worth buying.

Tough to hate on a “life form” that probably had lots of engineering going into it, but… eh.

  • Spend all or half of your stimulus check (if you’ve received one) and spice up the economy the true American way.
  • $349 for an hour and half of incredible fun time. Add another $49 for an extra battery for even more joy (three hours of charging required).
  • One up your divorced partner by showering your kid with not one, but two Pleo.
  • Help Sharper Image avoid bankruptcy by buying in volumes (oh wait…).
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