80 bones and monthly charge. ArghMaybe traffic isn’t an issue for you, since you’re driving a 2005+ Acura RL with real-time traffic update—but for the rest of us schmucks with el-cheapo rides, we don’t have such luxuries.

If you’re living in the San Fransisco, Los Angeles/Orange County, Seattle area and commute through the horrid traffic more than you sleep—rejoice, you can now avoid said horrors.

Check out TrafficGauge, a portable real-time traffic map device, available online at so-so price of $80 for the two California area, and $50 for the Seattle device.

The device’s pretty straight forward. It’s a simple map device and it’s always on. There’s no user interface, just blinking lines letting you know where hell’s at. There’s even a little icon letting you know if it’s game day (Lakers, Angels fans etc. clogging up the highway).

If it wasn’t for the monthly charge, yours truly would probably jump on it.

  • $79.95 w/ free 1st month ($49.99 for Seattle)
  • Monthly Charge: $6.95 or cheaper as you pay in advance
  • S/H of $7.95