If you live in Southern California and you commute any significant distance.. you’ll know how I feel. In fact you’ll feel way more than me since I only take long commute occasionally, but yeah whatever I can still complain. Its my blog dammit.

I head from Orange County to Riverside occasionally through out the month (and sometimes back down to the Temecula area via the 15 South) . It’s not too bad of a drive, an hour and a half or so.. but if you go at a bad time and your luck stinks, expect it to be a 2-4 hour drive.

I was considering getting an account with the 91 Express Lane Fastrak so I can avoid those heavy traffic – till I saw the toll prices on these lanes. Check out the Eastbound 4 PM to 6 PM prices. Holy cow!

To taunt us even more, they have a lovely “virtural drive” video of how relaxing and stress free the 91 Express Lanes are (with soothing background music!). If you’re curious about Southern California traffic, take a peek:

(4.2 MB, WMV – Windows Media Player)

Yeah I’m one of those suckers stuck in one of the right lanes.

I guess its worth it for a lot of people though, especially if your employer pays for your expensive tolls!