Today is Blog Action Day and the topic this year is on poverty.

I won’t attempt to ramble on about a subject that I know little about,  so if you’re interested in contributing and helping, I want to highlight what two people are doing and how you can join them:

Give to Feeding America

Join Nickel at FiveCentNickel as he matches your donations to Feeding America, the nation’s leading charitable hunger-relief organization. For the remainder of the week, Nickel and his family will match your contribution, up to $1,000.

Fund a Loan at

Join HeJustLaughs at and help fund microfinance loans that gives entrepreneurs in developing countries an opportunity to start and run small businesses. HeJustLaughs is a team leader for the “Bloggers” lending team on and has funded over 900 loans just by himself (I believe he was also a reader on this blog).

If you want to learn more about Kiva, you can read more about it from my brief review on Funding these loans of course isn’t risk free. In fact, two of my loans went into default earlier this year (more on this in future post), but don’t let that dissuade you as the actual default rate on Kiva is a VERY low 1.33%.

Some Thoughts on Giving

In the eyes of a person in real poverty, an event like “Blog Action Day” may just seem like a massive circle jerk for people with more comfortable standings in life. I’m not trying to belittle the event as initiatives like these can make real tangible impacts, and it is always a good thing to bring important topics such as poverty into discussion, as it can keep those of us with the means in perspective.

My point is that giving is a very personal thing. Many of us give in the form of time, some in the form of money, and in many instances, some of us give back to society via their very jobs. We all have our own causes, organizations that we believe in and we all have our own families to take care of. It is perfectly acceptable to simply read and be aware of these issues. That’s the point of these events after all, to raise awareness and keep all of our perspectives in check.