Where’s my third chicken strip!?

I was opening up a box of Swanson Fried Chicken Strip TV dinner (10 for $10) for a quick lunch, and to my horror I found only two chicken strip. I knew something was wrong when I pick up the box, and it didn’t feel like 11 ounces.

11 oz of MSG, saturated fat, and sodium

Oh yeah, if you value your health and sanity, you’ll stay away from TV dinner. But if you don’t care, here’s the Single Man’s Guide to TV dinner. You should also check out the breakfast from hell, take a look at the “Nutrition” Facts picture.

Damn. Missing chicken strip. Fraudulent check card charge.

Things are just not going well for me lately, huh?


Well due to suggestions from ya’ll, I’ve shoot off a complaint to our good friends at the Pinnacle Foods Corporation. Their response was ridiculously fast:

Dear Mr. Cap:

We are sorry that you were disappointed with your purchase of Swanson® Chicken Strip Dinner. Pinnacle Foods Corporation maintains strict quality standards to ensure that the correct amount of product is consistently added to each package. Evidently, this package was improperly filled, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

We are sending you a coupon via Postal mail, which you can expect to receive within ten to fourteen business days.

Sincerely,Teresa XXXX
Consumer Services Representative 000558XXXX

I got a $3 coupon in the mail. Yay?