mmm... h264 on widescreen

Unfortunate long time readers (i.e., my dad) would remember that I bought a brand spankin’ new 17″ monitor back in May 2005 — for a wacky price tag of $350 (just because it can pivot, rotate, and have a 8ms response time).

So why buy another monitor, the Samsung 941BW?

Um… because it’s widescreen? And there was a rebate?

$225.35 from + $17.47 (tax) – $20 (Google checkout discount) – $40 (Samsung rebate) = $182.85

As if I really need the non-standard 16:10 aspect ratio, the extra screen space from the uncommon 1440 x 900 resolution, and the fast 4 ms response time.

What happened to the old monitor? It’s now set at the vertical portrait view setting, sitting beside the new monitor. Do I really need two monitors? Uh…

At the end, H.264 on widescreen + hypocrisy = yummy.