Mmm... wasteful

There is a very, very good reason why this post is showing up in the middle of the night.

  1. Maybe I’ll get less heat for buying this.
  2. Maybe I can delete this post before anyone reads it.
  3. The picture from the previous post is creeping me out.

Last year, I tried to buy some new rims for the car. The deal didn’t pan out, so I just sort of pretend I never wanted the wheels in the first place.  All was well until the tire tread on my Bridgestone Potenza RE950 started wearing out.

And so, after some tough decision making while in the bathroom, I decided to buy some new wheels along with the new tires.  My justification? Uh… I can save some money by putting them both on the car at the same time? Hah.

Of course, the wheels were delivered to my house after I left Southern California for Northern California. I never got to put them on at the same time.

Here are some reasons why this purchase was stupid:

  1. The wheels are still NOT on my car. They’re 400 miles away, sitting at home.
  2. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the original wheels on my car, other than them being “ugly” steel wheels with hubcaps.
  3. Car accessories tend to depreciate in value, along with the already depreciating car (kindly noted by dforester in the previous post).
  4. Did I mention I bought something that I’m not even using?

Other than those reasons above, they’re pretty cool. Cost a little bit under $400 for all four. About 12 pounds each at 15 x 6.5, 4 x 100, and +38 offset.

Can’t wait to put them on the car one day… heh.

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