It’s not like I just got up today and went to the dealership to buy the car, okay?

But yeah I probably could have waited longer, maybe till November when prices drop more, as next year’s model roll out.

My new 2006 BMW 325i 6MT:



It was a really tough decision, I’ve been debating over it for the past few months now between the new 3 series versus the new 06 Lexus IS line-ups, specifically the BMW 325i versus the Lexus IS 250. After many debates, I went with the “Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Not 330i :(


The lowdown on Invoice:

  • 2006 325i 6MT: $28,300
  • Premium Package: $2,640
  • Metallic Paint: $430
  • The silly iDrive Navigation System: $1,820
  • Invoice Total w/ destination: $33,885

What I paid:

  • Negotiated $35,300 for car
  • 7.75% CA sales tax + fees
  • Out of the door: $38,140
  • $24,000 down, 5.49% APY
  • 36 months loan, monthly payment of: $427

Not really a spectacular deal or anything, but at least I didn’t get rip off.

So, can I afford it?

Who cares!? It’s only a little bit more than the previous ride’s monthly payment. No biggie! Insurance adds up, but eh I’ll worry about it later. It’s not so bad really, first 3 year’s regular maintenaince is on BMW.

Already found a buyer for my old 2001 Honda Civic, gonna see if I can get rid of some small dents and scratches before I unload it, otherwise my other car’s in pretty good condition. (Oh man, always wanted to say that).

Yeah it’s a poor man’s M3, but hey it’s 5 years already, time for a new ride!